NaVOBA works hard to convince major corporations to recognize the value of veteran-owned businesses, increasing the number of vetrepreneur-friendly by more than 50% over the last three years.
NaVOBA takes federal agencies to task ensuring they issue the required contracts to America’s vetrepreneurs.
NaVOBA works hard and has been successful convincing state governments to pass legislation favorable to veteran-owned businesses.
NaVOBA and its Regional Advocates Board (RAB) works with local governments around the country to convince city, county and municipal governments to create special programs to buy from veteran-owned businesses.
NaVOBA’s innovative Buy Veteran Campaign brings the success of the national veteran business movement to Main Street businesses in every city and small town in America.

NaVOBA Advocates

Scott Denniston

We are Built to Survive

Professional athletes make it to the NFL because of years of hard work, determination and perseverance. From when they were young they learned how to run, how to lift weights, how to hit, how to use their hands, how to move their feet, how to throw the football, how to mentally process a situation in a split second and react, and other necessary skills for their passion and future profession.


DyNet -- Dynamic Networking Event for Small Business

Fairmont, W.V.  04/02/2015

The Veteran Entrepreneur Training Symposium (VETS)

Norfolk Waterside Marriott Hotel in Norfolk, Virginia  06/09/2015


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See how the veteran business movement started and key milestones.

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