On February 27, 2017

StreetShares Awards 3 Vetrepreneurs With $10,000 Business Grants.

On February 26, three winners were announced for the StreetShares Foundation’s Veteran Small Business Awards as part of the Bunker Labs Muster event in Washington, D.C.

Here’s a quick overview of the February winners:

1st Place: Brian Zimmerman, Marine Veteran and Founder of Income Designers (Castle Rock, Colorado)

Brian Zimmerman spent nine years in the Marines. While working full time, he built side businesses to earn more income. After attending Purdue University’s Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans, he realized he could build a business on his passion for teaching others how to build wealth.

“Income Designers is not about getting rich quick,” said Zimmerman. “It’s about showing others who may be struggling financially, how they can create extra income.”

2nd Place: Richard Sanders, Army Veteran and CEO of SHplates (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Richard Sanders, Army veteran, used ruck plates, usually used for military training, and turned it into a business. Sanders created décor from steel plates using his patented technology to engrave customized images with lasers. Plates are typically 1-inch thick, weighing up to 40 pounds.

Sanders’ mission is to continue to donate to dozens of charities, hire veterans and mentor youth.

3rd Place: Jaime Velez, Army Veteran and Co-Founder of PingMomo (Chicago, Illinois)

Jaime Velez, started a tech company called PingMomo. As a single parent, he found it challenging to transport his children before and after school.

“As an Army combat engineer, when you see a problem, you have to solve it,” Velez said. “PingMomo was created to solve the transportation problem for parents by leveraging social communities and bringing them together with technology.”

He met his partner, Jan Gorospe, at Bunker Labs, Chicago. The mobile app will launch on iOS soon.

StreetShares Foundation, located outside of Washington, D.C., is a nonprofit affiliated with StreetShares, Inc. The mission of the StreetShares Foundation is to inspire, educate, and support veterans’ business ownership. Awards are given monthly to veteran, current reserve, active duty members and military spouse business owners.

Apply Now for the Veteran Small Business Award

The StreetShares Foundation rewards exceptional veteran business owners each month. With this ongoing program, the StreetShares Foundation hopes to inspire other veteran business owners to apply and get started with funding in the form of a veteran business grant. It’s simple to apply with a 300-word description and a short video. Learn more about the application process here.

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